Sophie Lutz Jewellery Transformation gold necklace

Transformation Symbolism

The Scarab Beetle has been considered sacred since ancient times. These beautiful armored creatures are symbols of metamorphosis and transformation. Considered magical for their ability to appear out of dung they are a metaphor for self transformation. If you work through your shit, you can be transformed! You can be whoever you want to be by willing it to be so.

Lapis Lazuli is a power stone. This vivid dark blue stone flecked with gold symbolises opportunity and self knowledge. It focuses us on our own truth and ability to transform. A stone of honesty, friendship and communication, Lapis Lazuli frees us from the restrictions we place on ourselves.

You want a new job or career
You feel stuck and want things to move forward
You’re undergoing a period of change
You want to focus on transforming some aspect of yourself or your life
You want to celebrate achieving a goal or milestone