• “Best, most insightful, most accurate reading I’ve ever had. A wealth of information and power. Please keep doing what you’re doing, you’re amazing at it and such a refreshing, healing presence. Beyond grateful that I found you and the reading today.” Caroline, London

  • "Once a sceptic, now a convert. I really didn’t believe tarot could help me find answers to difficult questions, but it did!" Mike, Brighton

  • " I really can't recommend Sophie enough. I want anyone that has reservations around tarot readings in a virtual setting to know, that this was a wonderfully personal and affirming experience. It honestly felt like Sophie was in the room with me, she was warm, funny, supportive and kind. The reading was spot on and has really lifted my spirit, giving me a much needed boost, at a time when all motivation and morale was severely lacking." Lucy, London

  • “Insightful, informative and incredible!” Sally, Wimbledon

  • “Intuitive, insightful and thoughtful. I highly recommend a reading with Sophie. I was somewhat cynical before, but have completely changed my opinion now that I’ve had my cards read. Fascinating.” Tracey, London

  • “Being a tarot virgin I had nothing to compare my experience to, but you have set the bar so high. I had no idea what to expect and absolutely loved it! Your passion and energy is infectious and your wisdom and intuition felt conscious and authentic.” Emma, Sydney