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Sometimes things come easy. And you feel like you’re with the flow, in a gestalt sense working with things. Everything is firing off every cylinder and the universe is an infinite yes. Yes all the way.

At that point you say thank you…thank you so much for the ease with which life is flowing. Thank you eternally for all my everything, everything good that is happening in my life and in me.

And then…

Sometimes things feel, just stuck. Stuck as a stuck thing. Nothing moving. Nothing doing. All the doors are firmly shut. Sometimes slammed in your face. Over and over and over and over and what can I tell you? It sucks. Sucks like a sucky thing. Really. And you feel like nothing will ever be ok. No one will ever say yes. And the universe is against you. Completely.


You keep on keeping on. You stay on track. And above all, above all else, you stay faithful. A tiny tiny part of you believes that the universe is with you, that everything will be ok, and that all of it will be worth it.

Mostly what you’re hearing inside your head is not this. But, and here’s the thing, there is a tiny voice that stays true and steady and believes.

And then it comes.


How sweet. How sweetly, purely, gorgeously sweet. When after interminable doom, it goes your way. Sweet enough to make a mum (this mum) do laps naked round the kitchen fist pumping like a loon, slightly scaring her kids, nevermind the husband.

And at that point I thank the universe for the slammed, shut, barred and insurmountable seeming doors. I say thank you thank you thank you. Because there is NOTHING as sweet as surmounting obstacles is there? It’s sort of why there are obstacles. Because God knows there is nothing at all that says it has to be hard. Just that sweetness.

Transform your life. Keep faith.


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  • Kelly

    So beautifully put. Yes, obstacles are there for us to overcome. And when we do – Woo Hoo!!!
    Love the image of you fist pumping naked running around!!

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