Creativity Necklace Gold


Focus your intention on CREATIVITY and FERTILITY
Create your reality


Stunning hand made pomegranate charm and semi-precious moonstone necklace with unique infinity clasp


Gold vermeil (solid sterling silver plated with 24K gold) and AA Grade Moonstone gem


Packaged in an infinity branded wooden box.


Necklace Length: 46cm                 Pomegranate charm: 1.2cm x 1cm


Each Sophie Lutz necklace is handmade in the UK. The charms are wax carved, individually cast and hand finished and polished in our London studio. Sophie Lutz Jewellery uses only the highest standard of moonstone gems. As a natural product the size and shape of the gemstone may vary slightly from that shown.


The necklaces are individually handmade to order and take up to 21 days to deliver. Standard UK postage and packing is free.

Choose this beautiful CREATIVITY necklace to focus intention on bringing CREATIVITY and FERTILITY into life or celebrating the babies and projects you have already GIVEN BIRTH to. Each time the wearer touches or sees this necklace they will be consciously and unconsciously focussing their intention on their own CREATIVE capacity and CREATIVITY and drawing it into their world. This exquisite CREATIVITY necklace expresses gratitude for the babies and projects that have already been born and those that have yet to arrive.


Manifest CREATIVITY with this gorgeous necklace. Celebrate FEMALE ENERGY and your capacity to CREATE. Bring your CREATIVE POWER to life.


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