Sophie Lutz Jewellery Sex Symbolism Silver Pomegranate Necklace

Passion Symbolism

Orchids are the most stunning of exotic flowers, their shape and petals representing a woman’s intimate beauty. They have been revered for centuries and represent love, perfection and the beauty of the female form. Orchids are a celebration of a woman’s capacity for sensual pleasure. A symbol of our passionate and sexual selves.

Wine coloured garnet represents sexuality, passion and love. A stone for the sensual erotic side of our love relationships. This stone represents our passionate nature, boosting libido and putting us in touch with the sensual world around us and inside us. Garnet attracts lust and love, inspires devotion and removes inhibitions, freeing our wild selves.

You want a gift for your lover
You want to express the passionate side of your nature
You want to release the wilder side of your spirit
You want to enthral, inspiring love and devotion
You want to celebrate your sensuality

Orchids symbolise perfection, beauty and a woman’s most intimate and sexual self. Garnet is the stone of lovers, it’s fiery beauty inspiring adoration and desire. Use this talisman to open you up to the world of the senses, to attract love and to inspire adoration. Celebrate your sensuality and the wild joy within you. The SEX necklace is about female sexuality, passion and joy.