IMG_6239About 2 years ago I had an idea that felt channeled from somewhere else.  I had never thought about designing jewellery but it was such a compelling project I knew that if I didn’t execute it I would regret it forever.

The creative process goes in fits and starts, there are periods of gestation and then huge growth spurts.  After two years worth of roller coaster followed by stuck-in-the-mud and everything in between Sophie Lutz Jewellery is here.

Life is nothing without beauty and meaning.  We determine whether our lives are meaningful or not.  Seeing beauty is a choice we make.  The necklaces that are the result of this two year labour of love are there to inspire creativity and intention.

So what do you want in your life?  Love? Money? Are you filled with creativity with no outlet for all the energy?  Is your focus your health and body?  Maybe you want to let rip and live a fully sensual life, adored by a lover or lovers?  Set your intention!  Every time you put on a Sophie Lutz necklace you remind yourself of your focus.  Every time your fingers brush across the stone or the charm you reaffirm your ability to creatively change and shape your life.

It’s not just about things that you want to have in your life, it’s about the stuff that is already there.  Gratitude is such a beautiful state of being.  Acknowledge what is fantastic in your life and celebrate it.  A love necklace is such a beautiful gift for a wedding or to a new mother.  The fertility necklace is perfect for someone launching a project or business…Whoop it up and say thank you for all the good things…

My life has changed so much in the last couple of years.  I do a lot of yoga now which is new.  Yoga is all about setting intention and focus, being mindful, and creating your reality.  The necklaces come from that same place of focused intention.  Mine help me to be mindful of what it is I am focusing on or celebrating that day.

It feels so right that it’s Spring.  London is almost warm today and everything is budding and shooting up: pale green energy coming to life.  And here we are.  We’ve been germinating underground, out of sight for a long time and we’re finally ready to bloom.  Enjoy the idea whether or not you decide to buy a necklace.  You create your reality, just focus, set the intention and watch what happens…xxx


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