focus your intention wtMost of you won’t remember the Saturday morning kid’s programme Going Live!  It was the worst possible viewing with a hangover but as a kid it ticked the boxes.  Loud, brightly coloured sweatshirt clad presenters, bouncing around shouting about the latest band or fad (anyone remember scooby doos?).  Today at Sophie Lutz towers we are, in fact Going Live…we’re not wearing yellow sweatshirts but we are excited and possibly a bit shouty: WE’RE LIVE PEOPLE!

For those of you new to Sophie Lutz Jewellery we are all about creating your reality: using the power of your intention and focus to make things happen in your life.  Please take a look at the necklaces and if you like them, share away or maybe even buy.  Whether it’s LOVE, MONEY or a total TRANSFORMATION you’re after we have a beautiful hand made necklace that will remind you of your own power to attract what you need into your life.  We hope you enjoy the site and the jewellery as much as we’ve enjoyed bringing both to you.  Love Sophie xxx

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  • Emily

    Well done and good luck! It looks fabulous, you deserve to do really well xx

  • Tom

    Lovely jewellery and website!

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