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Hello beauties

Hope you all had magnificent weekends.  If you didn’t, if your comms were tangled and twisted, you know why by now right?  We’re in full throttle Mercury Retrograde and heading into the Full Moon in Taurus like Beyonce walking away from an exploding vehicle.
So far this retrograde I’ve had:
An exploding glass water bottle (five minutes before a tarot client arrived, that was fun!  She was LOVELY tho, hello Martina, so all good).
Reordering something for my son four times because of voucher code remembering, then computer says no you’ve used the voucher twice, then voucher using again and all with the countdown clock ticking as the code ran out after an hour.  That was really fun guys!  I love online shopping it makes life so much easier doesn’t it?  樂
Getting on the wrong tube and realising it three stops in the wrong direction.
And the grumps…I was so grumpy this weekend that I’m surprised that my fam haven’t defenestrated me (sorry J, sorry kids).
Mercury can actually be seen heading backward across the sun at lunchtime today (that’s right now), but please don’t look and burn your eyes because that would be bad.  Tomorrow we have a full moon in Taurus, Sun Scorpio (happy birthday Scorpios, I do love you).  What does this mean Sophie, you all shout in trepidation?  Weeell, I’d stay in bed.  No, really.  Hunker down, lie low, and if you’re thinking about saying something to someone about something…probably best not to.  It’s a really good time to inadvertently put your foot in it, or say something that might hurt someone.  Lie low I tell you (this advice applies ESPECIALLY TO ME, ARE YOU LISTENING SOPHIE?).
That’s the shadow, where is the treasure?  Taurus is sensual to a fault, so if you are staying in bed, maybe have sex with your loved one, or yourself (I always go there don’t I?), eat the chocolate, light the candle, draw the bubble bath.  This is a time for your sensual side and for grounding, Taurus is ruled by Venus and the Earth.
I have three spots on the mat on Thursday yoga at 1.30pm.  What to do? I was thinking to myself, how can I sooth AND ground AND sensualise AND open up communications for my yogis?  If in doubt, do it all!  So Thursday we’ll be working through all seven chakras, starting on the ground with Muladhara Root chakra and working our way up.  If you’ve been pondering whether to come along, there are only a couple more sessions left this term, it’s a tenner for your first class, and if you love it you can sign up for next term.
Also, don’t forget, tarot and yoga vouchers make the best best Christmas presents, all I know is if I got one, I’d be THRILLED, and I’d know I was saving the planet by not being bought a ‘thing’.  £25 for half an hour £40 for a full hours’ reading.
If I don’t see you Thursday, take care out there, look up look up tonight and tomorrow (the moon is full at 14.03 on Tuesday, so she’s at her most powerful tonight) and say hello to goddess moon, she is beautiful at this time of year as she always is.
Please let me know if you don’t want these little love letters anymore, and please do forward them to anyone you think might be interested in my ramblings, or my yoga.
Big love moon babies

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