Autumn Equinox. Just give me 5 minutes

Autumn equinox is a seed harvest. Conkers, acorns, berries of every hue. When the days and nights are of equal length. An inhale before the darkness comes. Seed harvest. Seeds. All potential. [...]

My new column in Darling magazine

I’ve got a new column in Darling Magazine.  I’ll be sharing Women’s Wisdom every week.  Here is an unedited, sweary version of the piece for your delectation! Hello I’m Sophie [...]

Sleeping Beauty Turqouise

Turquoise is widely held as THE stone for physical health.  It has healing and energising as well as protective qualities.  Used extensively by indigenous native American cultures it truly is one [...]

Going live

Most of you won’t remember the Saturday morning kid’s programme Going Live!  It was the worst possible viewing with a hangover but as a kid it ticked the boxes.  Loud, brightly [...]

Hello world…

About 2 years ago I had an idea that felt channeled from somewhere else.  I had never thought about designing jewellery but it was such a compelling project I knew that if I didn’t execute [...]