About Us

Since she was small Sophie has loved stones and symbols. Her mother, trying to juggle studying to be a teacher and childcare, took her to lectures sometimes and one afternoon aged about 7, Sophie sat in on a lecture about Jung and fairy tales. Her life long passion for symbols, meaning and myths was born. In her grandparents’ garden she would sit for hours playing with ordinary garden stones pretending that they were special magic crystals with the power to unlock doors into other worlds.

Sophie travelled extensively in India, Thailand, Nepal, New Zealand and Tahiti. Everywhere she went she found ways in which people use stones and symbols to create meaning and beauty in their lives. From Mandalas in Nepal to the protective powers of stones given as gifts in New Zealand, people find ways of making their lives work better through talismans and stones. Back in the UK Sophie became obsessed with visiting crystal shops. Semi precious stones are both beautiful and meaningful. Amazing products of the earth that take hundreds of thousands if not billions of years to form. At the same time she trained as a psychotherapist, with a special interest in symbols and dreams. Her work as a therapist confirmed her belief that our lives are shaped by our internal worlds and that we have an infinite capacity to create our reality through what we focus on, be it positive or negative.

Sophie was frustrated by the lack of meaning ascribed to fashion jewellery that used semi precious and precious stones. Equally she couldn’t find pieces that she really loved in the crystal shops that she visited. Sophie Lutz jewellery was born through her search for beautiful jewellery with meaning: she decided to make her own.

Sophie designs all the pieces herself taking them from sketches through to wax carving. She employs the finest makers in London to cast and hand finish her pieces.

Each piece is designed and finished in London with love, and with the intention of bringing beauty and meaning into the life of the wearer.