Sophie Lutz baneer showing turqoise gemsTurquoise is widely held as THE stone for physical health.  It has healing and energising as well as protective qualities.  Used extensively by indigenous native American cultures it truly is one of the most beautiful of all the semi-precious stones.  It looks gorgeous against most skin types and is such an uplifting tonic, especially on a dreary day like the one we have in London at the moment.  When I was designing the HEALTH necklace I had no trouble choosing the stone to go with the Apple Charm.  Turquoise was a no-brainer!  The gorgeous AAA Grade Turquoise we use is mined in Arizona in the States.  As such it is a totally ethical semi-precious stone as working conditions are subject to stringent health and safety conditions.  It is such a gorgeous quality of stone and the smooth pear shape that we use is extremely rare.  The stone is 100% natural, undyed (did you know that lots of semi-precious stones are heat treated to change the colour?!) and hand cut and for those reasons the quality and appearance are second to none.  We’ve had the unfortunate news from our suppliers that this mine is closing down.  We only have a handful of pieces of the turquoise left after which we will probably need to change the cut.  So if you like the look of the HEALTH necklace then don’t waste any time, buy it now and you can own a beautiful turquoise jewel from the Sleeping Beauty mine…

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