Yoga really can change your life for the better.  The practice of yoga stretches us out on the inside as well as externally.  Sophie teaches yoga as a 360 degree holisitic mind/body/spirit practice.  Incorporating breath work, meditation and food for the mind as well as sweet movement for the body, her aim is to gift her students with a mindful moment of full presence in the now, that they can take out into the world with them after class. You can also expect a dash of activism and music to feed your soul leaving you feeling relaxed, engaged, restored and empowered to take on the rest of your day.  Classes are suitable for all levels and are based in Wimbledon.

Sophie has been practising yoga for five years and is a Yoga Alliance 250hr accredited teacher.


Tarot readings to guide you on your journey.  Tarot offers a way into our subconscious, helping us through tricky times and with big decisions. Giving us permission to access our true desires. Sophie has loved and read tarot for 25 years. She takes a psycho/emotional wellness approach: there are no bad cards, only stages to work through to get us to where we need to be to live life to the fullest.

Beautiful jewellery to change your life

Harness the power of intention.  Choose your focus and create your reality.
Each Sophie Lutz piece uses beautiful symbolism to give you a talisman designed to bring your deepest desires to life.
Exclusively designed and individually hand crafted in London.

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